Nelson Morgan Named to the ISCA Advisory Council

December 31, 2008
Professor Nelson Morgan, ICSI's Director, has been named to the Advisory Council of the International Speech Communication Society (ISCA). ISCA is the primary organization devoted to speech communication science and technology.

Richard Karp Profiled in The Berkeley Science Review

December 1, 2008
Professor Richard M. Karp, of the ICSI Algorithms Group, was profiled in The Berkeley Science Review, Issue 15. The feature is written by ICSI Speech Group grad student Dan Gillick, a regular contributor to the publication.

Networking Group's Research on Profitability of Spam Featured in the Washington Post

November 6, 2008
Recent research on the profitability of spam, conducted by ICSI Networking Group researchers along with a team from UCSD, was featured in a Washington Post blog article on November 6, 2008.

Architecture and Vision Research Groups Created at ICSI

July 15, 2008
Two new research groups were formed in the summer of 2008. Professor Krste Asanovic, a former ICSI graduate student researcher and frequent visitor, is heading the new Architecture Group. Professor Trevor Darrell, formerly of MIT, is heading a new Vision Group.

Chris Bregler and Jitendra Malik Win the 2008 Longuet-Higgins Prize

June 30, 2008
ICSI alum Chris Bregler and Emeritus Trustee Jitendra Malik have won the 2008 Longuet-Higgins prize for "Fundamental Contributions in Computer Vision That have Stood the Test of Time."

Richard Karp Receives Kyoto Prize

June 24, 2008
Professor Richard M. Karp, Head of the Algorithms Group at the International Computer Science Institute (ICSI) in Berkeley, has received the 2008 Kyoto Prize in the Advanced Technology Category, Information Sciences Field. The Kyoto Prize is sometimes referred to as the "Japanese Nobel", and is one of the highest honors a scientist can receive.

Eero Silvennoinen Joins ICSI's Board of Trustees

June 1, 2008
Dr. Eero Silvennoinen of Tekes joined ICSI's Board of Trustees in June 2008. Dr. Silvennoinen is Director of Software and Telecommunications Technologies at Tekes, and has been at Tekes since 1988. He replaced Mr. Jouko Salo as the Finnish representative to ICSI's Board.