Krste Asanović Given 2009-2010 Jim and Donna Gray Faculty Award

April 14, 2010
Architecture Group leader Krste Asanović has been given the 2009-2010 Jim and Donna Gray Faculty Award. The award is given each year to a UC Berkeley Computer Science faculty member for excellence in undergraduate teaching. Previous winners include ICSI affiliate Dan Klein (2008-2009) and BFOIT advisory board member Daniel Garcia (2004-2005).

ICSI Alum Matthew Aylett Develops Text-to-Speech Software

March 2, 2010
ICSI Speech Group alum Matthew Aylett has developed text-to-speech software that allows film critic Roger Ebert, who lost his voice box four years ago, to speak in an approximation of his own voice. "It still needs improvement," said Ebert in a report aired on CBS, "but at least it sounds like me." Aylett's Scotland-based company, CereProc, broke down voice recordings from Ebert's film commentary into individual sounds, which are reassembled when Ebert types a sentence into the software. Ebert can also adjust the emphasis and intonation of the synthesized sentences. CereProc offers a number of other voices produced from text, including voices with Irish, Scottish, Southern English, and American accents. Ebert's new voice debuted on the Oprah Show in March.

Sequel to Paul Kay's Book Is Being Published

February 1, 2010
A sequel to Brent Berlin and Paul Kay's then-controversial 1969 book Basic Color Terms is being published by CSLI Publications and is expected to be available in mid-February 2010. The new book, World Color Survey, is authored by Paul Kay, Brent Berlin, Luisa Maffi, William R. Merrifield, and Richard S. Cook. Kay and Cook are members of the AI Group at ICSI. Basic Color Terms, together with subsequent research published in numerous journals and conference proceedings over the last 40 years, has shaped our understanding of the relation of color language to color perception and has influenced current thought on the broad question of linguistic relativity.

Netalyzr is Released, Christian Kreibich Quoted in The Register

January 22, 2010
Networking Group scientists have released a complete version of Netalyzer, a tool that detects when your ISP (Internet Service Provider) is interfering with your connection in some way. Cade Metz reported on Netalyzer for The Register, a United Kingdom news publication, in an article titled "Boffins Birth Uber 'Net Neutrality' Dowser: Eye on Your ISP."