ICSI Researchers Work with Secure Computing Center at UCB

May 30, 2011
Several ICSI researchers will participate in the recently announced Intel Science and Technology Center for Secure Computing at UC Berkeley. Networking Group leader Scott Shenker, Vern Paxson, who leads security efforts at ICSI, and external fellow Sylvia Ratnasamy will join researchers from across the US in exploring ways to guard personal computers from malware, secure mobile devices that use third-party applications, and protect personal data on the Internet. The center will receive $2.5 million per year in funding from Intel.

Spam Study by Networking Group Featured in New York Times

May 20, 2011
In a study featured in the New York Times, ICSI, UC Berkeley, and UC San Diego researchers found that just three banks authorize 95 percent of credit card sales of goods advertised through spam. The study measured the spam-based business cycle from the sending of unwanted email to the delivery of goods

Vern Paxson Wins ACM SIGCOMM Award

May 16, 2011
The 2011 ACM SIGCOMM Award has been awarded to Vern Paxson, a senior researcher in the Networking Group. Paxson is recognized for his seminal contributions to Internet measurement and security, as well as for distinguished leadership and service to the Internet community. Past winners of the award include Scott Shenker, who leads the Networking Group, Sally Floyd, a senior researcher in the group, and Domenico Ferrari, a former deputy director of ICSI and Networking Group leader. More >>

Paul Kay Published in PNAS

April 28, 2011
The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences has published a study by AI researcher Paul Kay that shows that learning new color names causes rapid growth in grey matter in the adult brain. Kay and his collaborators from Beijing and Hong Kong found that when adults learned new subcategories of green and blue, the part of the brain responsible for color vision grew rapidly. The article is Kay's tenth in PNAS in the last several years. Read the article here >>

Press for Study on Profitability of Spam

March 17, 2011
U.S. News and World Report, Wired Magazine and the NPR News Blog have featured research by Networking Group members and a team from UC San Diego on the profitability of spam. The researchers took over part of a spam botnet, a group of malware-infected computers instructed to send large amounts of spam, to find out how many spam messages were successfully delivered and how many led to a sale. Read more about the research here >>

ICSI Alum Wins Best Paper Award

March 10, 2011
Speech Group alum Eric Fosler-Lussier, along with Dr. Jeremy Morris of Ohio State University, has won a 2010 best paper award from the IEEE Signal Processing Society. They were one of six teams recognized for the exceptional merit of their papers. Fosler-Lussier was a graduate student under Speech Group leader Nelson Morgan and later a postdoctoral researcher at ICSI. Read more about the award here >>

New Collaboration with Japan National Institute of Informatics

January 26, 2011
ICSI and Japan's National Institute of Informatics will collaborate on work in networking, computer vision, and algorithms. In a memorandum of understanding signed in January, ICSI and NII outlined their commitment to establishing a joint research program.