Research Project Seeks to Identify Underlying Challenges to Current ASR Technology

June 12, 2012
A new research project at ICSI is focused on exploring automatic speech recognition (ASR) to understand the limitations and challenges from current technologies. Sponsored by the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA) via the Air Force Research Lab (AFRL), the research aims to use its conclusions to lead to new methods for improving ASR technology.

FrameNet Members Win Antonio Zampolli Prize

May 25, 2012
Professor Charles Fillmore and Collin Baker of ICSI's FrameNet Project are co-winners of the Antonio Zampolli Prize, which recognizes outstanding contributions to the advancement of language resources and language technology evaluation.

Algorithms Leader Richard Karp to Be Director of Simons Institute

May 2, 2012
Professor Richard Karp, leader of the ICSI Algorithms Group, will be the founding director of a theoretical computer science institute to be established at UC Berkeley with a $60 million gift from the Simons Foundation.

Roberto Pieraccini Visits Tekes in Finland

April 25, 2012
Director Roberto Pieraccini met with collaborators and partners involved in ICSI's Finnish visiting program April 23 to 25 in Finland. Since the program's establishment over 10 years ago, ICSI has hosted more than 50 Finnish visiting researchers funded through the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation.

AI Student Omoju Miller Attends TEDx Summit

April 20, 2012
Omoju Miller, a graduate student researcher in the AI Group, will attend the inaugural TEDx Summit from April 16 to 20 in Doha, Qatar. The TEDx program sponsors local, independent events licensed by TED, the popular series of conferences on technology, entertainment, and design. The summit brings together 600 TEDx organizers from 90 countries to discuss ways to improve events. Last year, Miller organized TEDxEuclidAve, which focused on how to use technology and entrepreneurship to achieve social good.

MIT Releases Book by Director Roberto Pieraccini

April 10, 2012
The Voice in the Machine explores the evolution of human-computer speech technology over past 60 years.

Algorithms Leader Richard Karp to Speak at Turing Award Centenaries

April 2, 2012
Professor Richard Karp, leader of the Algorithms Group, has been invited to speak at three conferences celebrating the 100th birthday of the British mathematician and computer scientist Alan Turing. Karp received the Turing Award in 1985 for his contributions to the theory of computational algorithms. The Turing Award is the most prestigious technical award given by the ACM and widely considered the most prestigious award in computing.

Chairman of ICSI's Board Accepts Position at Google

March 19, 2012
Prabhakar Raghavan, chairman of ICSI's Board of Trustees, has accepted a position as the vice president of strategic technologies at Google. Raghavan was formerly the head of Yahoo! Labs, where he worked for the last seven years.

Speech Group Researchers Win Best Poster Award

March 18, 2012
Speech Group researchers Gerald Friedland and Jaeyoung Choi won a best poster award at the Korean Student Technical and Leadership Conference. The researchers were able to automatically estimate where some YouTube and Flickr videos were shot by semantically analyzing the tags added to them by users.

Board Member Honored for Service to Italian Research Center

March 12, 2012
ICSI Board of Trustees member Wolfgang Wahlster has received the Eagle of Saint Venceslao, the highest recognition given by the Autonomous Province of Trento, Italy. Wahlster was recognized for more than 15 years of service to IRST, now called the Bruno Kessler Foundation. IRST, located in Trento, is one of the most prestigious research centers in Italy.