FrameNet to Hold Workshop for NLP Developers and Researchers

FrameNet logoAugust 8, 2013
The FrameNet Project, which is building a machine-readable lexicon based on the frame semantics work of Charles Fillmore, will host a five-day workshop September 9-13 at ICSI to help developers of natural language processing (NLP) applications and researchers in lexical semantics use FrameNet more effectively in real-world applications and research. Space at the workshop is limited, and organizers will maintain a balance between industry and academic participants.

The workshop includes lectures on frame semantics, FrameNet, the MetaNet project, other research that uses FrameNet, and the benefits of using its data for NLP applications. Representatives from Decisive Analytics Corporation, Google, and the University of Hildesheim will talk about the use of FrameNet data in industry and academic research. ICSI researchers will present the new FrameNet library for the Natural Language Toolkit and discuss FrameNet's relationship to privacy. They will also demonstrate the metaphor extraction system and the repository of linguistic metaphors developed through the MetaNet project. The workshop includes a hands-on session for attendees to develop NLP applications using the new FrameNet library and to develop frames and annotate data using FrameNet methodology and practices.

View the FrameNet Workshop event page.