ICSI and University of Genoa Sign Visiting Agreement

May 12, 2014
Dr. Michele Stecca of the Research Center on Computer Platform Engineering (CIPI) in Italy will collaborate with the ICSI research initiatives group under the terms of a visiting agreement between the Institute and the University of Genoa. This work is under the supervision of Professor Massimo Maresca, head of the Scientific Office of the Italian Consulate in San Francisco. They will be investigating the application of the service composition paradigm to distributed applications, which can be treated as composite services made up of atomic services. The project also studies and characterizes the architecture and operation of service creation/execution platforms.

It addresses two domains: distributed data analysis, as in Big Data research, and object interaction, as in Internet of Things research. The first domain targets the composition of spreadsheets, i.e., the creation of “composite” spreadsheets obtained through the combination of “atomic” spreadsheets that exchange tables in the “Spreadsheet Space.” The second domains targets the composition of real objects, or things, i.e., the creation of “composite” services obtained through the combination of “atomic” objects interacting in the “Internet of Things.”

The activity is promoted by the CIPI, with the support of the European Commission and SpreadSheetSpace Inc.