Eric Friedman of Research Initiatives and Colleague Win SIGecom Test of Time Award

June 24, 2015
Eric Friedman of Research Initiatives has received the 2015 SIGecom Test of Time Award, given each year for a paper published 10 or more years in the past that has had significant impact on research or applications that exemplify the interplay of economics and computation.

Teaching Privacy at NSF Showcase

April 23, 2015
The Teaching Privacy project was one of 20 groups invited by the National Science Foundation to present their work at the NSF Showcase at the SIGCSE Technical Symposium, the flagship meeting of the ACM Special Interest Group on Computer Science Education held March 4-6.

Networking Researcher Sylvia Ratnasamy Wins ACM Grace Murray Hopper Award

April 21, 2015
Professor Sylvia Ratnasamy is the winner of the 2014 ACM Grace Murray Hopper Award, given each year to an outstanding young computer professional.

Networking and Security Researcher Mark Allman Gives PAM Keynote

March 20, 2015
Networking and Security researcher Mark Allman gave the keynote address at the Passive and Active Measurement Conference, held in New York, New York on March 19 and 20. His address was titled "Towards Better Internet Empiricalism. "

Benefunder Partnership Aims to Boost Computer Science Developments into the Market

December 16, 2014
In an effort to bring promising research advances in computing to market, Benefunder, a philanthropic organization that works with wealth management firms to connect donors with leading researchers across the nation, has established a partnership with ICSI.

Vision Wins Best Open Source Software Award at ACM Multimedia

December 9, 2014
Members of the Vision Group won the Best Open Source Software Award at the ACM International Conference on Multimedia in November. They were recognized for their paper describing Caffe, or Convolutional Architecture for Fast Feature Embedding, a deep learning framework that can be used to build multimedia analysis tools. When used for image analysis, Caffe can classify an image in about two milliseconds and process more than 40 million images in a day.

Springer Releases Book Edited by Jaeyoung Choi and Gerald Friedland

November 18, 2014
A book edited by Jaeyoung Choi, a researcher in the Audio and Multimedia Group, and Gerald Friedland, the director of the group, is now available from Springer Publishing. Multimodal Location Estimation of Videos and Images examines methods of automatically estimating the origins of media using multiple modalities, including text in tags, sounds in audio tracks, and visual cues. The book includes chapters co-written by ICSI researchers Luke Gottlieb and Howard Lei in addition to Choi and Friedland.

Bro Wins InfoWorld Bossie Award

October 7, 2014
Bro, ICSI’s open-source network monitoring platform, is a recipient of an IDG’s InfoWorld Bossie Award, recognizing the year’s best business-oriented open-source software. Bro is one of nine networking and security tools recognized this year and 130 tools recognized in all categories.

New Research from the International Computer Science Institute Reviews Browser Extensions Security and Government Use of Spyware in the Middle East

August 21, 2014
Researchers from the International Computer Science Institute (ICSI) today presented two papers at the USENIX Security Symposium in San Diego examining two significant threats in modern cybersecurity: compromised browser extensions and the use of malware by oppressive governments.

ICSI Enters into a Visiting Agreement with University of Genoa to Support Internet of Things and Big Data Research

July 30, 2014
ICSI, a leading center for computer science research, will host members of the Research Center on Computer Platform Engineering, or CIPI, to work on research initiatives related to end-user computing, big data and the Internet of things. CIPI is a joint endeavor of the Universities of Genoa and Padua.