Speech Recognition Technology for India

February 10, 2005
Press release written by Madelaine Plauche and Leah Hitchcock-Ybarra
February 8, 2005

Researchers at ICSI will demonstrate their speech recognition technology developed for India with UC Berkeley's TIER Project (Technology and Infrastructure for Emerging Regions) as part of the UCB BEARS Conference on Thursday, February 10th.

Srini Narayanan is an Adjunct Professor

January 21, 2005
Srini Narayanan, leader of ICSI's AI group, started a new position as Adjunct Professor of Cognitive Science at UC Berkeley in January.

Spanish Call for Proposals

January 17, 2005
On January 17, 2005, the Spanish Ministry for Education and Science posted the 2005 call for proposals for ICSI's Spanish Visitor Program. This program provides support for postdoctoral scholars from Spain to participate in research visits to ICSI.