Paxson and Savage to Lead New Center for Internet Epidemiology and Defenses

September 21, 2004
With funding from the National Science Foundation's Cybertrust Program, researchers at ICSI and UC San Diego will open a new Center for Internet Epidemiology and Defenses (CIED). The center, led by Stefan Savage of UC San Diego and Vern Paxson of ICSI, aims to combat epidemic-style attacks on the Internet.

XORP Releases Open Source Router Software

July 24, 2012
ICSI's eXtensible Open Router Platform (XORP) has released its open source router software. XORP differs from commercially available routers in several aspects, which are designed to make it more user-friendly, adaptable, and stable.

Mark Allman Receives NASA Award

September 9, 2004
Mark Allman of the Networking Group was awarded a NASA Public Service Medal in September. This award recognizes exceptional contributions to the mission of NASA.

ICSI Foosball Champions Dominate Tournament

July 16, 2004

(Foosball Champions: Pedro Ruiz and Abhishek Kumar)

ICSI to Host EARS Retreat

July 8, 2004
ICSI is the host of the 2004 EARS Novel Approaches retreat. This year's retreat is at the Bodega Bay Lodge and Spa from August 4-7, 2004.

ICSI Associate to be Director of Institute of International Studies

July 1, 2004
ICSI Faculty Associate Steve Weber was appointed Director of the Institute of International Studies at UC Berkeley on July 1, 2004. Institute of International Studies home page. >>