Meeting Corpus Released

January 15, 2004
The ICSI Meeting Corpus has now been released by the Linguistic Data Consortium. This corpus, which consists of 75 natural meetings recorded at ICSI from 2000 to 2002, was created with the intention of providing spontaneous multi-party speech data for use in development of speech recognition technology. Speech researchers at ICSI and many other sites (including our colleagues at IDIAP who are working on related material) are interested in developing technology capable of accurately transcribing multi-party meetings, and defiving higher-level information such as summaries from the meetings. The release of the Meeting Corpus marks the completion of the first stage of this kind of research.

For more information on the Meeting Corpus you can visit the LDC website.

ICSI Associate Appointed UCB Dean

January 15, 2004
AnnaLee Saxenian, an ICSI faculty associate, has been appointed dean of UC Berkeley's School of Information Management and Systems. The full story is online here. >>

Speech Research Makes Headlines

January 9, 2004
Liz Shriberg, a senior researcher at ICSI, was quoted on January 3, 2004 in a New York Times article about disfluencies in speech. She was subsequently interviewed live on the radio talk show "Adler On Line" with Charles Adler of CJOB 68 Radio in Winnipeg, Canada, on Friday, January 9.

Richard Karp Receives Benjamin Franklin Medal

January 5, 2004
Richard Karp, leader of ICSI's Algorithms Group, will be presented with the 2004 Benjamin Franklin Medal in Computer and Cognitive Science for his contributions to the understanding of computational complexity.

ICSI Group Leader Becomes ACM Fellow

January 5, 2004
Scott Shenker, leader of ICSI's Networking Group, has been selected as an ACM Fellow for his achievements in the field of information technology.

Scott McComas Joins SysAdmin Staff

December 2, 2003
ICSI has a new permanent staff member. Scott McComas joined the SysAdmin Staff at the beginning of December.

AnnaLee Saxenian Appointed Faculty Associate

November 1, 2003
ICSI has appointed a new Faculty Associate. AnnaLee Saxenian, of UCB's City and Regional Planning Department, will be working with BCIS on Silicon Valley development.

Speech Group Receives NSF Grant

October 22, 2003
Speech Group receives NSF grant "Modeling Idiosyncrasies in Speaking Behavior." Barbara Peskin of ICSI's Speech Group will head a project to improve speaker recognition through incorporation of higher-level features - e.g. derived from prosody, pronunciation patterns, word usage, even distinctive laughs - to augment traditional models that rely on short-term 10-20 msec frames of speech.