Quality of Service in ATM Networks

TitleQuality of Service in ATM Networks
Publication TypeTechnical Report
Year of Publication1990
AuthorsFerrari, D., & Verma D. C.
Other Numbers628

B-ISDN networks of the future will have to handle traffic with a wide range of traffic characteristics and performance requirements. In view of the high bandwidth of these networks and the relatively large propagation delays involved in wide-area B-ISDN networks, the performance requirements can only be provided by reserving resources to communicating clients at the connection establishment time. However, reservation mechanisms for heterogeneous bursty traffic usually result in a rather poor utilization of network resources.In this paper, we propose a simple admission control criterion that can be used to reserve resources for bursty as well as smooth traffic with delay and loss sensitivities. Our scheme leads to a reasonable value of the maximum utilization of network bandwidth (about 40 percent) for delay sensitive traffic with moderate burstiness (peak-to-average bandwidth ratios of about 4), even under the worst possible conditions. Actual utilizations can be higher if there is smooth traffic or traffic which is not delay-sensitive. Our admission control algorithm uses a well-defined traffic specification scheme which is easy to enforce and verify, and able to accommodate arbitrary degrees of burstiness. Extensive simulation experiments failed to show that our admission control criterion are incorrect, in the sense that the quality of service requirements of the traffic was always met,even in the worst case. Moreover, the scheme is simple and feasible at the high speeds required of B-ISDN networks.

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ICSI Technical Report TR-90-064

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D. Ferrari and D. Verma

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Technical Report