A Characterization of Multi-Party Interactive Multimedia Applications

TitleA Characterization of Multi-Party Interactive Multimedia Applications
Publication TypeTechnical Report
Year of Publication1993
AuthorsSzyperski, C., & Ventre G.
Other Numbers794

This document tries to define and characterize a class of applications called Multi-Party Interactive Multimedia (MIM), for which many examples are given. This class includes applications such as CSCW, teleconferencing, and remote education; its consideration in this report is based on the observation that MIM applications are both important and representative for the area of high-performance real-time communication. Purely functional criteria are used to capture the MIM class, i.e. ones that are not related to any particular way of implementation. Thus, future directions are sketched that give some indications on what a network architecture will need to provide, in order to effectively support such applications.

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ICSI Technical Report TR-93-006

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C. Szyperski and G. Ventre

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Technical Report