CNS-1 Architecture Specification: A Connectionist Network Supercomputer

TitleCNS-1 Architecture Specification: A Connectionist Network Supercomputer
Publication TypeTechnical Report
Year of Publication1993
AuthorsAsanović, K., Beck J., Callahan T. J., Feldman J., Irissou B., Kingsbury B., Kohn P., Lazzaro J., Morgan N., Stoutamire D., & Wawrzynek J.
Other Numbers809
Keywordsapplication-specific, computer architecture, connectionist networks, Hydrant, massively parallel, Torrent, VLSI

A Collaboration of the University of California, Berkeley and the International Computer Science Institute. The Connectionist Network Supercomputer, or CNS-1, is a multi-year effort to incorporate recent advances in VLSI design and application-specific computer architecture for the realization of a massively parallel machine. Application targets for the CNS-1 include connectionist networks in the areas of speech recognition, language modeling, vision, and hardware simulation for VLSI. This technical report presents the background and motivation for high-level design decisions, along with descriptions of several hardware and software elements. The document represents a "snapshot" of the design, which is expected to be operational in 1995.

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ICSI Technical Report TR-93-021

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K. Asanovi?, J. Beck, Timothy J. Callahan, J. Feldman, B. Irissou, B. Kingsbury, P. Kohn, J. Lazzaro, N. Morgan, D. Stoutamire, and J. Wawrzynek

ICSI Publication Type

Technical Report