Context and Vision

TitleContext and Vision
Publication TypeTechnical Report
Year of Publication1995
AuthorsDi Gesu, V., & Isgro F.
Other Numbers978
Keywordsconcurrence, graph theory, image analysis, parallel languages

This report deals with problems of representation and handling of concurrent processes in multi-processor machines or in distributed and co-operating systems oriented to image analysis. For this purpose, the definition and some formal properties of a new synchronization engine, named "context" are given. Contexts are introduced as object variables in pictorial languages to represent distributed computation on spatial data. In particular, details of its implementation on the PIctorial C Language (PICL) are given. Operations are defined on the contexts space; the existing relations between contexts, formal languages, and graphs are considered, and have been used to optimize the implementation of contexts inside PICL.

Bibliographic Notes

ICSI Technical Report TR-95-038

Abbreviated Authors

V. Di Gesu and F. Isgro

ICSI Publication Type

Technical Report