Recommendations on Queue Management and Congestion Avoidance in the Internet

TitleRecommendations on Queue Management and Congestion Avoidance in the Internet
Publication TypeRFC
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsBraden, R., Clark D. D., Crowcroft J., Davie B., Deering S., Estrin D., Floyd S., Jacobson V., Minshall G.., Partridge C., Peterson L., Ramakrishnan K.. K., Shenker S. J., Wroclawski J., & Zhang L.
Publication Languageeng
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This memo presents two recommendations to the Internet community concerning measures to improve and preserve Internet performance. It presents a strong recommendation for testing, standardization, and widespread deployment of active queue management in routers, to improve the performance of today's Internet. It also urges a concerted effort of research, measurement, and ultimate deployment of router mechanisms to protect the Internet from flows that are not sufficiently responsive to congestion notification.

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Request for Comments (Informational) RFC 2309, Internet Engineering Task Force

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B. Braden, D. Clark, J. Crowcroft, B. Davie, S. Deering, D. Estrin, S. Floyd, V. Jacobson, G. Minshall, C. Partridge, L. Peterson, K. Ramakrishnan, S. Shenker, J. Wroclawski, and L. Zhang

ICSI Research Group

Networking and Security

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