Andreas Stolcke

ICSI External Fellow Andreas Stolcke

External Fellow, Speech Group
Email: stolcke @
Phone: (510) 666-2969

Andreas Stolcke is a principal researcher in the Speech and Dialog Research Group at Microsoft Research in Mountain View, California. He received a PhD in computer science from UC Berkeley in 1994, and did both his doctoral research and a brief postdoc appointment at ICSI. Before joining Microsoft, Stolcke was a senior research engineer in the Speech Technology and Research Laboratory at SRI International in Menlo Park, California, where he led research in speech recognition and understanding, speaker recognition, and speech translation, and developed a widely used open-source toolkit for statistical language modeling. He previously served as associated editor for IEEE Transactions on Audio Speech and Language Processing and as co-editor for Computer Speech and Language. Stolcke is a fellow of the IEEE and the International Speech Communication Association. His current research interests include language modeling, speech understanding, speaker modeling, and computational methods and software design relevant to these fields.

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