Cyber Espionage Reveals Spammer Strategies"
May 14, 2013  |  Jeff Hecht, New Scientist

The war against spam is entering a new phase. Security researchers have identified patterns in the way spam is created that could give the upper hand to anti-spam software.

Spam Grows Up"
Spring, 2009  |  Daniel Gillick, Berkeley Science Review

Researchers Hijack Botnet for Spam Study"
November 10, 2008  |  John Leyden, The Register

Pharmacy-touting spammers can turn a decent return on response rates as low as one in 12 million, far lower than previously thought. So say security researchers at the University of California, San Diego and UC Berkeley, who infiltrated the control system of the Storm botnet to research the economics of spam.

"Study Shows How Spammers Cash In"
November 10, 2008 | BBC News

Spammers are turning a profit despite only getting one response for every 12.5m e-mails they send, finds a study.