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Title: A (Somewhat) New Solution to the Binding Problem
Author: L. Barrett, J. Feldman, and L. M. Dermed
Bibliographic Information: ICSI Technical Report TR-06-001
Date: May 2006
Research Area: AI
Type: Technical Reports

To perform automatic, unconscious inference, the human brain must solve the "binding problem" by correctly grouping properties with objects. We propose a connectionist, localist model that uses short signatures, rather than temporal synchrony or other means, to do this binding. The proposed system models our ability to both perform unification and handle multiple instantiations of logical terms, among other things. To verify its feasibility, we simulate our model with a computer program modeling simple, neuron-like computations.

Bibliographic Reference:
L. Barrett, J. Feldman, and L. M. Dermed. A (Somewhat) New Solution to the Binding Problem. ICSI Technical Report TR-06-001, May 2006