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Technical Report
Banerjea, A., Ferrari D., Mah B. A., Moran M., Verma D. C., & Zhang H. (1994).  Tenet Real-Time Protocol Suite: Design, Implementation, and Experiences.
Ferrari, D., & Verma D. C. (1989).  A Scheme for Real-Time Channel Establishment in Wide-Area Networks.
Gupta, A., & Ferrari D. (1994).  Resource Partitioning for Multi-Party Real-Time Communication.
Parris, C., & Ferrari D. (1992).  A Resource Based Pricing Policy for Real-Time Channels in a Packet-Switching Network.
Banerjea, A., Parris C. J., & Ferrari D. (1993).  Recovering Guaranteed Performance Service Connections from Single and Multiple Faults.
Ferrari, D. (1989).  Real-Time Communication in Packet-Switching Wide-Area Networks.
Ferrari, D. (1992).  Real-Time Communication in an Internetwork.
Zhang, H., & Ferrari D. (1992).  Rate-Controlled Static Priority Queueing.
Ferrari, D., & Verma D. C. (1990).  Quality of Service in ATM Networks.
Ferrari, D., Banerjea A., & Zhang H. (1992).  Network Support For Multimedia: A Discussion of the Tenet Approach.
Parris, C. J., Zhang H., & Ferrari D. (1992).  A Mechanism for Dynamic Re-routing of Real-time Channels.
Ferrari, D. (1989).  Guaranteeing Performance for Real-Time Communication in Wide-Area Networks.
Parris, C., Keshav S., & Ferrari D. (1992).  A Framework for the Study of Pricing in Integrated Networks.
Verma, D. C., & Ferrari D. (1991).  Evaluation of Overflow Probabilities in Resource Management.
Parris, C. J., & Ferrari D. (1993).  A Dynamic Connection Management Scheme for Guaranteed Performance Services in Packet-Switching Integrated Services Networks.
Ferrari, D. (1991).  Distributed Delay Jitter Control in Packet-Switching Internetworks.
Ferrari, D., Gupta A., & Ventre G. (1995).  Distributed advance reservation of real-time connections.
Verma, D. C., Zhang H., & Ferrari D. (1991).  Delay Jitter Control for Real-Time Communication in a Packet Switching Network.
Ferrari, D. (1990).  Client Requirements for Real-Time Communication Services.
Ferrari, D., & Verma D. C. (1990).  Buffer Space Allocation for Real-Time Channels in a Packet-Switching Network.
Liebeherr, J., Wrege D. E., & Ferrari D. (1994).  Admission Control in Networks with Bounded Delay Services.