Networking and Security

The Networking and Security Group focuses on understanding the behavior and use of today's Internet and exploring new technology and designs for tomorrow's Internet. Researchers' interests range from fundamental architectural questions, new forwarding mechanisms and novel management approaches to network defenses, cybercrime, troubleshooting, measurement, and characterization. Security research includes development and maintenance of the open-source Zeek network monitoring system, along with studying censorship, abusive surveillance, mobile device privacy, and the TLS ecosystem. The Group has strong ties to UC Berkeley, with two of its members holding joint appointments; with Stanford University; and with a number of start-ups — particularly Corelight, which builds industrial-strength Zeek-based systems — and various Internet companies and services.  Group members have also been active in professional organizations and events, such as ACM SIGCOMM, IMC, HotNets, USENIX Security, FOCI, and IEEE Security and Privacy.

Professor Mark Allman leads the Networking and Security Group.