Roberto Pieraccini Appointed New Director of ICSI

February 27, 2012
ICSI has appointed Roberto Pieraccini as its new director. A renowned leader in science and technology, Pieraccini brings to ICSI expertise in both academic and corporate research as well as enterprise business leadership.

Director Roberto Pieraccini Interviewed on Mobile Groove

February 21, 2012
An interview with ICSI Director Roberto Pieraccini was featured on Mobile Groove. Pieraccini comments on the history and status of speech recognition research. An analysis of the interview is available here.

Networking Researcher Vern Paxson Receives 2010-2011 Jim and Donna Gray Faculty Award

February 17, 2012
The 2010-2011 Jim and Donna Gray Faculty Award has been given to Networking Group researcher Vern Paxson, who leads security efforts at ICSI. The award is given each year to a UC Berkeley Computer Science faculty member for excellence in undergraduate teaching. Previous winners include Architecture Group leader Krste Asanović (2009-2010) and ICSI affiliate Dan Klein (2008-2009).

Networking Leader Scott Shenker Elected to National Academy of Engineers

February 16, 2012
Scott Shenker, leader of the Networking Group, has been elected as a member of the National Academy of Engineers, one of the highest distinctions accorded to engineers. Shenker was recognized for his contributions to Internet design and architecture. A professor at UC Berkeley, he is also a member of ICSI's Board of Trustees, a founding member of the ICSI Center for Internet Research, and a fellow of the ACM and the IEEE.

Sylvia Ratnasamy Receives Sloan Research Fellowship

February 15, 2012
ICSI external fellow Sylvia Ratnasamy has received a Sloan Research Fellowship. Ratnasamy, an assistant professor at UC Berkeley, works with ICSI's Networking Group. She is among 126 U.S. and Canadian researchers to receive the fellowship, which is given annually to young scientists and scholars.

CACM Features Networking Researcher Nicholas Weaver in Roundtable Discussion

February 1, 2012
The Communications of the ACM recently featured a roundtable discussion among Networking Group researcher Nicholas Weaver and other computer scientists about bufferbloat, the overuse of buffering inside a network, which can result in slow network connections.

Alum Appointed President of University of Potsdam

January 1, 2012
ICSI alum Oliver Günther has been appointed the president of the University of Potsdam, Germany. Günther was the second postdoctoral fellow to be hired by ICSI after its founding in 1986 and has been a strong supporter of the Institute since then. He took over as president of Potsdam on January 1.