Scott Shenker Receives 2017 ACM Paris Kanellakis Award

May 2, 2018

Scott ShenkerACM announced the winners of four prestigious awards, and ICSI's Chief Scientist Scott Shenker is the receipient of the 2017 ACM Paris Kanallakis Theory and Practice Award. Shenker was recognized "for pioneering contributions to fair queueing in packet-switching networks, which had a major impact on modern practice in computer communication. Shenker's work was fundamental to helping the internet grow from a tool used by a small community of researchers, to a staple of daily life that is used by billions of people. Since the internet was introduced, demand has grown for the ability of computer networks to transmit voice and data simultaneously."

Other award recipients include members of the Project Jupyter Steering Council, recipients of the ACM Software System Award, for Project Jupyter; Amanda Randles, recipient of the ACM Grace Murray Hopper Award for developing HARVEY; and Margaret A. Boden, recipient of the ACM - AAAI Allen Newell Award for contributions to the philosophy and historiography of cognitive science and artificial intelligence. Read more about all of the recipients and their contributions in the press release. Read more about Scott Shenker and the Paris Kanallakis Award here.