Charles Fillmore, Founder of FrameNet, Dead at 84

February 18, 2014
We are sad to report that our esteemed colleague at ICSI, Charles J. Fillmore, died February 13 after a long struggle with cancer.  He passed away peacefully at home, with his wife Lily Wong Fillmore at his side.  A professor of linguistics at UC Berkeley for many years and head of the FrameNet Project at ICSI from 1997 until his death, he was one of the great figures in twentieth century linguistics, best known for his foundational work on case grammar, frame semantics, and construction grammar. We will not attempt to detail his enormous contributions to linguistics, but just say that everyone who was privileged to study or work with him will feel the loss of a gentle friend and wise mentor.

Vision Affiliate and Alum Co-Chair Workshop at ICCV

February 4, 2014
Professors Kate Saenko, a researcher affiliated with the Vision Group, and Brian Kulis, an alum, were among the co-chairs of the First International Workshop on Visual Domain Adaptation and Dataset Bias (VISDA) in December. The workshop focused on the challenges that arise when the data used to train a computer vision machine have different properties from the data the model is used on.

Speech Researchers Receive Best Paper Award at ASRU

January 31, 2014
Speech Research Director Steven Wegmann and his colleagues received a best paper award at the Automatic Speech Recognition and Understanding Workshop (ASRU) in December in Olomouc, Czech Republic. Their paper, “The Tao of ATWV: Probing the Mysteries of Keyword Search Performance,” describes the keyword search system they’ve developed for conversational telephone speech. The work was done for their project under the IARPA Babel program, which funds teams to build keyword search systems under time constraints and using small amounts of transcribed audio as training data.

Networking and Security Researcher Sylvia Ratnasamy Receives Okawa Research Grant

January 9, 2014
Networking and Security researcher and UC Berkeley Professor Sylvia Ratnasamy has received a 2013 Okawa Foundation Research Grant. The grant is awarded annually by the Okawa Foundation for Information and Telecommunications and funds research in the field of information technology by faculty in the U.S., China, Japan, and Korea. Ratnasamy's award is for her research in building networks with rich traffic processing features implemented in software.

Gerald Friedland Appointed to IEEE MultiMedia Editorial Board

November 4, 2013
Gerald Friedland, who directs Audio and Multimedia Research, has been appointed to the editorial board of IEEE MultiMedia Magazine. Friedland joins Professor Dan Ellis of Columbia University and ICSI's Speech Group, who also sits on the board. The appointment will be announced in the next issue of the magazine, which publishes research articles and reviews related to multiple media types.

NSF Funds Bro Center of Expertise to Support Cybersecurity Operations in Research and Education

BERKELEY, Calif., October 1, 2013 – The National Science Foundation has awarded a three-year, $3.4 million grant to cybersecurity experts at the ICSI and the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. They will provide training and technology for deploying the Bro network security monitor at NSF-funded sites of all sizes. The project, which establishes the Bro Center of Expertise, will also help members of the research community leverage Bro as a deployment platform for their networking research.

External Fellow and Board Member Are Named ISCA Fellows

August 27, 2013
Board member Hervé Bourlard and external fellow Andreas Stolcke have been named fellows of the International Speech Communication Association. Fellows were announced at this year's Interspeech Conference, held this week in Lyon, France.

Researchers Develop Technique to Identify Spam Twitter Accounts

August 14, 2013
ICSI researchers and their collaborators at UC Berkeley, Twitter, and George Mason University have developed a technique to identify fraudulent Twitter accounts that are mass-created and then sold through an underground marketplace. Such accounts are used primarily to send spam but have also been employed to silence political protests. The approach could seriously undermine spam sent by social media; in the researchers’ study, it correctly identified millions of fraudulent accounts and helped Twitter disable 95 percent of those registered by 27 merchants tracked for the study. The researchers estimate these merchants are responsible for between 10 and 20 percent of all accounts flagged as spamming by Twitter. They are now working with Twitter to integrate the findings and other recommendations into the account creation process and Twitter's spam detection techniques.

FrameNet to Hold Workshop for NLP Developers and Researchers

August 8, 2013
The FrameNet Project, which is building a machine-readable lexicon based on the frame semantics work of Charles Fillmore, will host a five-day workshop September 9-13 at ICSI to help developers of natural language processing (NLP) applications and researchers in lexical semantics use FrameNet more effectively in real-world applications and research. Space at the workshop is limited, and organizers will maintain a balance between industry and academic participants.

Jerome Feldman Appointed to UOC Scientific Commission

July 15, 2013
Professor Jerome Feldman, a senior artificial intelligence researcher and the former director of ICSI, has been appointed to be a member of the Scientific Commission of the Open University of Catalonia (UOC) in Barcelona, Spain. The UOC is one of the leading virtual universities in the world, with about 60,000 students.