Monitoring and Measuring Parallel Systems Using a Non-Intrusive Rule-Based

TitleMonitoring and Measuring Parallel Systems Using a Non-Intrusive Rule-Based
Publication TypeTechnical Report
Year of Publication1989
AuthorsHaban, D., & Wybranietz D.
Other Numbers529

This paper describes a tool for on-line monitoring of distributed systems and the evaluation of the collected data. The hybrid monitor is capable of presenting the interactive user and the local operating system with high-level information of the behavior and the activities in the host system with minimal interferences. A special hardware support, which consists of a test and measurement processor (TMP), was designed and has been implemented in the nodes of an experimental multicomputer system. The operations of the TMP are completely transparent to users with a minimal, less than 0.1 percent, overhead to the hardware system. To provide a global view of the monitored system, a central monitoring station evaluates the locally collected data and displays the resulting information in charts and graphs. A rule-based evaluation system assists in improving the understanding of run-time behavior and in easily assessing performance measurements. Flexibility is achieved by rules given in tables which control the evaluation and the display of monitored and processed data. These rules represent expert-level knowledge about the evaluation of distributed systems.

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ICSI Technical Report TR-89-030

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D. Haban and D. Wybranietz

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Technical Report