Spatial Reasoning Based on Allen's Temporal Logic

TitleSpatial Reasoning Based on Allen's Temporal Logic
Publication TypeTechnical Report
Year of Publication1989
AuthorsGuesgen, H. Werner
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"If one were to categorize the behavior of the intelligent machine of the future, one might do so on the basis of the machine's capabilities to carry out temporal reasoning over interrelated entities that change with time; to carry out spatial reasoning for solving problems dealing with entities occupying space; and, on a more complex level, to reason over interrelated entities occupying space and changing in time with respect to their attributes and spatial interrelationships." --Avi Kak [12]There are a lot of approaches to spatial reasoning which are more or less efficient. Nevertheless, they are not always adequate from the cognitive point of view. What we want to suggest in this paper is reasoning based on qualitative descriptions of spatial relationships. We introduce a set of basic relations similar to the one Allen suggested for temporal reasoning and we show how inferences can be performed on this set.We start with one dimensional descriptions which we extend to more-dimensional ones in various ways. A theoretical base is provided and the soundness of our approach is proven. Although we do not claim our approach to be suitable in general, it is an efficient and straightforward way in many situations to handle spatial knowledge.

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ICSI Technical Report TR-89-049

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