L0: A Testbed for Miniature Language Acquisition;

TitleL0: A Testbed for Miniature Language Acquisition;
Publication TypeTechnical Report
Year of Publication1990
AuthorsWeber, S. Hollbach, & Stolcke A.
Other Numbers574

L0 constitutes a recent effort in Cognitive Science to build a natural language acquisition system for a limited visual domain. As a preparatory step towards addressing the issue of learning in this domain, we have built a set of tools for rapid prototyping and experimentation in the areas of language processing, image processing, and knowledge representation. The special focus of our work was the integration of these different components into a flexible system which would allow us to better understand the domain given by L0 and experiment with alternative approaches to the problems it poses.

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ICSI Technical Report TR-90-010

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S. H. Weber and A. Stolcke

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Technical Report