Buffer Space Allocation for Real-Time Channels in a Packet-Switching Network

TitleBuffer Space Allocation for Real-Time Channels in a Packet-Switching Network
Publication TypeTechnical Report
Year of Publication1990
AuthorsFerrari, D., & Verma D. C.
Other Numbers586

Broadband integrated networks will have to offer real-time communication services; that is, they will have to transport information with performance guarantees. A paper previously published by the authors presented a scheme for establishing real-time channels in a pure packet-switching network; that scheme did not include any method for allocating buffer space in the network's nodes to the channels being established. This paper completes the description and evaluation of that scheme, since it presents one such method, and some of the results of the extensive simulations performed to test it. The method is found to be correct and to have a low overhead. While the utilization of the buffer space allocated to the statistical channels is often quite low, thereby indicating that our worst-case approach tends to overallocate space to those channels, the space our method gives to deterministic channels seems to be reasonably well utilized.

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ICSI Technical Report TR-90-022

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D. Ferrari and D. C. Verma

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Technical Report