Algorithms for Sparse Rational Interpolation

TitleAlgorithms for Sparse Rational Interpolation
Publication TypeTechnical Report
Year of Publication1991
AuthorsGrigoriev, D. Yu., & Karpinski M.
Other Numbers641
KeywordsAlgorithms, Fraction Representation, NC-Class, Sparse Rational Interpolation

We present two algorithms on sparse rational interpolation. The first is the interpolation algorithm in a sense of the sparse partial fraction representation of rational functions. The second is the algorithm for computing the entier and the remainder of a rational function. The first algorithm works without apriori known bound on the degree of a rational function, the second one is in the class NC provided the degree is known. The presented algorithms complement the sparse interpolation results of [Grigoriev, Karpinski, and Singer (1990)].

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ICSI Technical Report TR-91-011

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D. Grigoriev and M. Karpinski

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Technical Report