The Design of a File System that Supports Multimedia

TitleThe Design of a File System that Supports Multimedia
Publication TypeTechnical Report
Year of Publication1991
AuthorsPolimenis, V. G.
Other Numbers650

A multimedia file system is one that can support real-time sessions as well as normal disk traffic. When a request for a real-time session is accepted, the file system guarantees that, as long as the system does not crash and the user process reads or writes data at most as fast as the initially specified rate, starvation will never occur. It is shown that the only hard requirement for the acceptance of a set of real-time sessions are that there is enough disk bandwidth and buffer space. A rigorous discussion of these requirements as well as the various parameters that affect the system's behaviors are presented.Finally and most importantly, a scheduler that uses this theory to schedule the various disk transfers is designed. The scheduler guarantees the non-starvation for multimedia sessions and also that interactive (non-real-time) jobs will experience acceptable response delays.

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ICSI Technical Report TR-91-020

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V. G. Polimenis

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Technical Report