ICSIM: An Object-Oriented Connectionist Simulator

TitleICSIM: An Object-Oriented Connectionist Simulator
Publication TypeTechnical Report
Year of Publication1991
AuthorsSchmidt, H. W., & Gomes B.
Other Numbers678

ICSIM is a connectionist net simulator under development at ICSI and written in Sather. It is object-oriented to meet the requirements for flexibility and reuse of homogeneous and structured connectionist nets and to allow the user to encapsulate efficient customized implementations perhaps running on dedicated hardware. Nets are composed by combining off-the-shelf library classes and, if necessary, by specializing some of their behaviour. General user interface classes allow a uniform or customized graphic presentation of the nets being modeled.The report gives an overview of the simulator. Its main concepts, the class structure of its library and some of the design decisions are sketched and a number of example nets are used to illustrate how net structure, interconnection and behavior are defined.

Bibliographic Notes

ICSI Technical Report TR-91-048

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H. W. Schmidt and B. Gomes

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Technical Report