Distributed Delay Jitter Control in Packet-Switching Internetworks

TitleDistributed Delay Jitter Control in Packet-Switching Internetworks
Publication TypeTechnical Report
Year of Publication1991
AuthorsFerrari, D.
Other Numbers686

Delay jitter is the variation of the delays with which packets traveling on a network connection reach their destination. For good quality of reception, continuous-media (video, audio, image) streams require that jitter be kept below a sufficiently small upper bound. This paper proposes a distributed mechanism for controlling delay jitter in a packet-switching network. The mechanism can be applied to an internetwork that satisfies the conditions detailed in the paper, and can coexist with other schemes (including the absence of any scheme) for jitter control within the same network, the same node, and even the same real-time channel. The mechanism can guarantee small jitter bounds even when the clocks of the host systems and the gateways along a channel's route are only loosely synchronized; furthermore, it makes the distribution of buffer space requirements more uniform over the channel's route, and reduces by a non-neglible amount the total buffer space needed by a channel. The paper argues that, if these advantages are sufficient to justify the higher costs of the distributed jitter control mechanism with respect to a non-distributed one, it would be useful to offer to the network's users a jitter control service based on the mechanism proposed here.

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ICSI Technical Report TR-91-056

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D. Ferrari

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Technical Report