Quality-of-Service Negotiation in a Real-Time Communication Network

TitleQuality-of-Service Negotiation in a Real-Time Communication Network
Publication TypeTechnical Report
Year of Publication1992
AuthorsRamaekers, J., & Ventre G.
Other Numbers728

In the recent years new protocols and algorithms have been proposed to guarantee performance and reliability in exchanging data in real-time communication networks, and new services have been presented to allow cooperative office work, distributed conferencing, etc. Less attention has been paid to how applications and, more generally, clients of real-time communication services can interact with the network in order to specify and negotiate the quality-of-service of a connection. We believe that this problem is going to become a key issue for the success of future distributed systems, since it affects both client and network performances. In this paper we present a new mechanism for the establishment of real-time connections in a quality-of-service network developed for the Tenet real-time protocol suite. By improving the information exchanged between the network and the clients, the model allows to reduce the complexity and the time required to establish a real-time connection, and increases the network utilization. Additionally, we introduced a new class of real-time communication service to support adaptive quality-of-service, in order to enhance the possibilities of the network to face congestion situations.

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ICSI Technical Report TR-92-023

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J. Ramaekers and G. Ventre

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Technical Report