Graceful Adaptation of Guaranteed Performance Service Connections

TitleGraceful Adaptation of Guaranteed Performance Service Connections
Publication TypeTechnical Report
Year of Publication1993
AuthorsParris, C. J., Ventre G., & Zhang H.
Other Numbers799

Most of the solutions proposed to support real-time communication services in a packet-switching network adopt a connection-oriented and reservation-oriented approach. In this approach, the resource allocation and route selection decisions are made before the start of the application on the basis of resource availability and real-time network load at that time, and are usually kept for the duration of the application. However, such an approach shows two major limitations: first, the communication service provided is usually fixed, with no or limited capability of adaptation to dynamic changes in the clients' requirements; second, a low utilization of the network may be observed. In this paper, we present a flexible management scheme that allows graceful adaptation of guaranteed performance service connections. Mechanisms have been devised to allow changing of the traffic and performance parameters of a real-time communication during its lifetime. These mechanisms, together with an adaption policy, can make more efficient use of the network resources by performing cooperative, consenting, high-level multiplexing. We distinguish between two types of adaptation: client initiated adaptation and network initiated adaptation. We give examples for both types and we also present results from simulation experiments to verify the correctness our proposal.

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ICSI Technical Report TR-93-011

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C. Parris, G. Ventre, and H. Zhang

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Technical Report