Introducing Resources Management in IP-Based Nodes

TitleIntroducing Resources Management in IP-Based Nodes
Publication TypeTechnical Report
Year of Publication1994
AuthorsManzoni, P.
Other Numbers910

The Internet Protocol was designed to be used with packet-switched communication networks and, as originally designed, does not provide the characteristics necessary to support voice and video transmission. The lack of control over the amount of connections supported leads to highly variable delays for packets and often to packet loss.In this paper, an enhancement of an IP based node (called IP') is presented to allow a simple management of the node's resources. We introduce higher interaction between the transport and the network layers through additional processes and functions. The paper also presents, as an example, a transport layer protocol that shows how to take advantage of the new functionalities provided by the IP' nodes.Two fundamental hypothesis throughout the design process were: 1) the effort in moving an IP-based node to an IP'-based node had to be smaller than the effort required in moving to a completely different protocol suite, and 2) the regular Internet traffic should not be affected or modified at all.Simulations results are presented to show that this approach can actually bound the variation of delay and throughput. In addition this approach can also control the number of packets lost.

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ICSI Technical Report TR-94-040

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P. Manzoni

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Technical Report