Scalable Resource Reservation for Multi-Party Real-Time Communication

TitleScalable Resource Reservation for Multi-Party Real-Time Communication
Publication TypeTechnical Report
Year of Publication1994
AuthorsGupta, A., Howe W., Moran M., & Nguyen Q.
Other Numbers920

Current approaches to supporting real-time communication allocate network resources either to individual connections, or to aggregates of connections, based on type of traffic, protocol, or performance requirements. The first approach provides well-defined performance guarantees that are independent of other network traffic. The second approach may achieve higher utilization of network resources, but the expected performance is less well-defined since it is dependent on the behavior of unrelated (possibly unknown) connections. Resource sharing is a new approach that exploits known relationships between related connections to allow network resources to be shared without sacrificing well-defined guarantees. Most importantly, for large conferences with a bounded number of concurrent speakers, resource requirements do not increase with the number of potential speakers. Therefore, resource sharing is an important tool for providing real-time performance guarantees for large conferences. This paper presents a fully distributed technique for using resource sharing to provide real-time guarantees in a general internetworking environment. The technique is described in the context of its implementation in the next generation of the Tenet real-time protocols. However, the underlying principles are equally applicable to other communication paradigms and techniques. A companion report presents the results of simulation experiments; the simulations show that resource sharing leads to large gains in connection acceptance rates and a significant reduction in computational overhead associated with admission control for real-time communication.

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ICSI Technical Report TR-94-050

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A. Gupta, W. Howe, M. Moran, and Q. Nguyen

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Technical Report