Hierarchical Encoding of MPEG Sequences Using Priority Encoding Transmission (PET)

TitleHierarchical Encoding of MPEG Sequences Using Priority Encoding Transmission (PET)
Publication TypeTechnical Report
Year of Publication1994
AuthorsLeicher, C.
Other Numbers928
KeywordsErasure Codes, MPEG, Packet video, PET

Priority Encoding Transmission (PET) is a new approach to the transmission of prioritized information over lossy packet- switched networks. The basic idea is that the source assigns different priorities to different segments of data, and then PET encodes the data using multi-level redundancy and disperses the encoding into the packets to be transmitted. The property of PET is that the destination is able to recover the data in priority order based on the number of packets received per message.This work addresses the hierarchical encoding of MPEG video streams in a PET scenario. Its focus is more on the recovery aspect, rather than on computational issues. The basic idea is that inter-frames are less redundantly encoded than intra- frames. It introduces a scenario which should prove the feasibility of our design considerations and describes simulation results with different MPEG sequences.

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ICSI Technical Report TR-94-058

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C. Leicher

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Technical Report