Characterization of Video Traffic

TitleCharacterization of Video Traffic
Publication TypeTechnical Report
Year of Publication1995
AuthorsGarg, R.
Other Numbers947
KeywordsATM, Burstiness, Burstiness Function, Characterization, JPEG, Leaky Bucket, MPEG, Networks, NV, Packet video, Traffic Characterization

ATM networks will carry a wide variety of data over the same packet switching network. A majority of this traffic is expected to be real-time video generated by video on demand, video conferencing systems, etc. We study the characteristics of video data compressed using standard coding algorithms namely, JPEG, MPEG and also popular ones such as the video conferencing software NV. A wide range of video sources from movies to a class lecture were analyzed. Most of the traces were longer than an hour. The bit rate of the traces has been characterized using the leaky bucket model. We also show a method of choosing appropriate leaky bucket parameters. Burstiness function is used to characterize the burstiness of the video traffic at different time scales.

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ICSI Technical Report TR-95-007

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R. Garg

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Technical Report