Determining Priority Queue Performance from Second Moment Traffic Characterizations

TitleDetermining Priority Queue Performance from Second Moment Traffic Characterizations
Publication TypeTechnical Report
Year of Publication1996
AuthorsKnightly, E. W.
Other Numbers1032

A crucial problem to the efficient design and management of integrated services networks is how to best allocate and reserve network resources for heterogeneous and bursty traffic streams in multiplexers that support prioritized service disciplines. In this paper, we introduce a new approach for determining per-connection QoS parameters such as delay-bound violation probability and loss probability in multi-service networks. The approach utilizes a traffic characterization that consists of the variances of a stream's rate distribution over multiple interval lengths, which captures its burstiness properties and autocorrelation structure. The resource allocation scheme is based on application of the Central Limit Theorem over intervals, together with use of stochastic delay-bounding techniques; it results in simple and efficient algorithms for determining QoS parameters. We perform experiments with long traces of MPEG-compressed video and show that the new scheme is accurate enough to capture most of the inherent statistical multiplexing gain, achieving average network utilizations of up to 90% for these traces.

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ICSI Technical Report TR-96-022

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E. W. Knightly

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Technical Report