The Spectro-Microscopy Electronic Notebook

TitleThe Spectro-Microscopy Electronic Notebook
Publication TypeTechnical Report
Year of Publication1997
AuthorsSachs, S. R., Freitas C. M. Dal Sas, Markowitz V., Talis A., Chen I-M.. A., Szeto E., & Kuno H. A.
Other Numbers1069

This paper gives an overview of the Electronic Notebook for the Spectro-Microscopy Collaboratory at the Advanced Light Source Beamline 7 (ALS-BL7). The Spectro-Microscopy Collaboratory project has the goal of using current network and video-conferencing technology to provide remote access to the facilities at ALS-BL7. The Electronic Notebook is a tool that allows physicists accessing the ALS-BL7 facilities to store and retrieve all information generated as they collaborate to run experiments. The Electronic Notebook replaces a multiplicity of manual and automated procedures currently used for storage/retrieval of data associated with experiments at the ALS-BL7. In addition, the Electronic Notebook offers new and powerful capabilities, while providing users with a homogeneous user interface to various tools. This paper outlines the architectural design of the Electronic Notebook, and describes its visual interface, which is used to prompt local and remote users to enter information related to their experiments, and provides query and browsing facilities to enable information retrieval.

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ICSI Technical Report TR-97-002

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S. R. Sachs, C. M. Dal Sasso Freitas, V. Markowitz, A. Talis, I-M. A. Chen, E. Szeto, and H. A. Kuno

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Technical Report