Cased-Based Reasoning: A New Technology for Experience Based Construction of Knowledge Systems

TitleCased-Based Reasoning: A New Technology for Experience Based Construction of Knowledge Systems
Publication TypeTechnical Report
Year of Publication1997
AuthorsAlthoff, K-D., Richter M. M., & Wilke W.
Other Numbers1075

We will discuss the role of case-based reasoning - a new emerging technology that contributes to solving the well-known problems of software maintenance, reuse, and quality improvement by storing, retrieving and adapting similar past cases - in this new light. Case-based reasoning, which has proven to be of practical importance by a large number of industrial/business applications, is a flexible approach to software development that has overcome the indicated difficulties to a large extent. We will point out in which way case-based reasoning takes up the separation issue by a certain decomposition idea in order to offer a useful flexibility required to adapt software production in a changing world. One important contribution of case-based reasoning technology is that it allows to reduce the "update complexity" to a smaller dimension. We will show for which kinds of application tasks case-based reasoning is more flexible than other approaches and we will illustrate this using the introduced general structure of a case-based reasoning system. From a software engineering perspective future research on case-based reasoning will deal with the analysis of which kind the "invariants of case-based reasoning" are. These invariants need to be standardized, as well as the corresponding methods. As a conclusion we will draw the attention to some points which seem to be important for future directions in research on and applications with case based reasoning technology.

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ICSI Technical Report TR-97-008

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K. Althoff, M. Richter, and W. Wilke

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Technical Report