Sather 2: A Language Design for Safe, High-Performance Computing

TitleSather 2: A Language Design for Safe, High-Performance Computing
Publication TypeTechnical Report
Year of Publication1997
AuthorsGomes, B., Löwe W., Quittek J. W., & Weissman B.
Other Numbers1099

Consistency of objects in a concurrent computing environment is usually ensured by serializing all incoming method calls. However, for high performance parallel computing intra-object parallelism, i.e. concurrent execution of methods on an object, is desirable. Currently, languages supporting intra-object parallelism are based on object models that leave it to the programmer to ensure consistency. We present an object model, that ensures object consistency while supporting intra-object concurrency thereby offering both safety and efficiency. The description starts with a simple and safe, but inefficient model and gradually increases the sophistication by introducing features for expressiveness and greater efficiency while maintaining safety. Based on this model we define extensions for guarded suspension and data parallel programming. The model and the extensions are defined as a language proposal for a new version of Sather, Sather 2. The proposal is based on Sather 1.1, but replaces the parallel extensions of this version.

Bibliographic Notes

ICSI Technical Report TR-97-035

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B. Gomes, W. Loewe, J. W. Quittek, and B. Weissman

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Technical Report