Multi-Band Speech Recognition: A Summary of Recent Work at ICSI

TitleMulti-Band Speech Recognition: A Summary of Recent Work at ICSI
Publication TypeTechnical Report
Year of Publication1997
AuthorsMirghafori, N.
Other Numbers1114
Keywordsmulti-band processing, speech recognition

In this technical report we discuss the recent work on multi-band ASR at ICSI. This exposition consists of three themes. Our first topic is the design and implementation of a multi-band baseline system. Next, we discuss the analysis of multi-band ASR, in terms of phonetic information transmission and potential advantage of asynchronous merging of sub-band streams. The third topic is motivated by the intuition that some bands are inherently better for classifying some phones, whereas others lack sufficient information for such discrimination. We report on a multi-band system designed based on this hypothesis.

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ICSI Technical Report TR-97-051

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N. N. Mirghafori

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Technical Report