Face Recognition: a Summary of 1995 - 1997

TitleFace Recognition: a Summary of 1995 - 1997
Publication TypeTechnical Report
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsFromherz, T.
Other Numbers1145
KeywordsAuthentication, Classifiers, Face recognition, Hybrid recognition, Identification

The development of face recognition over the past years allows an organization into three types of recognition algorithms, namely frontal, profile, and view-tolerant recognition, depending on the kind of imagery and the according recognition algorithms. While frontal recognition certainly is the classical approach, view-tolerant algorithms usually perform recognition in a more sophisticated fashion by taking into consideration some of the underlying physics, geometry, and statistics. Profile schemes as stand-alone systems have a rather marginal significance for identification. However, they are very practical either for fast coarse pre-searches of large face databases to reduce the computational load for a subsequent sophisticated algorithm, or as part of a hybrid recognition scheme.Such hybrid approaches have a special status among face recognition systems as they combine different recognition approaches in an either serial or parallel order to overcome the shortcomings of the individual components.

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ICSI Technical Report TR-98-027

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T. Fromherz

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