MetaViz: Visual Interaction with Geospatial Digital Libraries

TitleMetaViz: Visual Interaction with Geospatial Digital Libraries
Publication TypeTechnical Report
Year of Publication1999
AuthorsJung, V.
Other Numbers1173

Recent initiatives to geospatial digital libraries provide access to a wealth of distributed data, but offer only basic levels of interactivity and user assistance. Consequently, users find it difficult and time-consuming to browse through data collections and locate those data sets that meet their requirements. The MetaViz project addresses two of the major barriers preventing the extensive use of digital libraries: lack of usability and information overload. This research focuses on geospatial data, making it possible to develop effective visualization and interaction methods that are based on familiar spatial metaphors. The visualization methods developed employ three-dimensional techniques, combining several characteristics or dimensions of metadata into single graphical views. As those visualizations are based on map and landscape metaphors, they are easy to understand and provide instant overviews of complex data characteristics. The visualization methods have been integrated into MetaViz, an interactive system for browsing and searching geospatial data. In MetaViz, graphical views of data characteristics can be created and combined dynamically, levels of detail can be adjusted and the data sets found can be previewed and accessed. MetaViz helps users to locate and select appropriate geospatial data from various sources and to combine and use them in an effective way.

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ICSI Technical Report TR-99-017

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V. Jung

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Technical Report