Analysis of Composite Corridors

TitleAnalysis of Composite Corridors
Publication TypeTechnical Report
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsNakamura, T., & Berlekamp E.
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This work began as an attempt to find and catalog the mean values and temperatures of a well-defined set of relatively simple common Go positions, extending a similar but smaller catalog in Table E.10, Appendix E of the book, "Mathematical Go". The major surprises of our present work include the following: (1) A position of chilled value *2 (previously unknown in Mathematical Go), (2) A surprisingly "warm" position, whose temperature is routinely underestimated even by very strong Go players, (3) More insights into decompositions. Some positions decompose as a beginner might naively hope; others don't. One set of those which don't provides a basis for an extension of the "multiple invasions" theorem in the Mathematical Go book. This appears in our Section 5. In the new set of positions, like the old, a potential future shortage of liberties of the invading group results in a surprisingly hot temperature at one well-defined but far-from-obvious point along the invading group's frontier. It is hoped that these results may someday provide the basis for further new insights and generalizations.

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ICSI Technical Report TR-02-005

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T. Nakamura and E. Berlekamp

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Technical Report