A Connectionist Encoding of Parameterized Schemas and Reactive Plans

TitleA Connectionist Encoding of Parameterized Schemas and Reactive Plans
Publication TypeTechnical Report
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsShastri, L., Grannes D. Jeffrey, Narayanan S., & Feldman J.
Other Numbers1202

We present a connectionist realization of parameterized schemas that can model high-level sensory-motor processes and be a candidate representation for implementing reactive behaviors. The connectionist realization involves a number of ideas including the use of focal-clusters and feedback loops to control a distributed process without a central controller and the expression and propagation of dynamic bindings via temporal synchrony. We employ a uniform mechanism for interaction between schemas, low-level somatosensory and proprioceptive processes, and high-level reasoning and memory processes. Our representation relates to work in connectionist models of rapid - reflexive - reasoning and also suggests solutions to several problems in language acquisition and understanding.

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ICSI Technical Report TR-02-008

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L. Shastri, D. Grannes, S. Narayanan, and J. Feldman

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Technical Report