MOSIX: An Integrated UNIX for Multiprocessor Workstations

TitleMOSIX: An Integrated UNIX for Multiprocessor Workstations
Publication TypeTechnical Report
Year of Publication1988
AuthorsBarak, A., & Wheeler R.
Other Numbers1217

MOSIX is a general-purpose Multicomputer Operating System that integrates a cluster of loosely connected, independent computers (nodes) into a single-machine UNIX environment. Developed originally at Hebrew University for a cluster of uniprocessor nodes, it has recently been enhanced to support nodes with multiple processors. In this paper we present the hardware architecture of this multiprocessor workstation and the software architecture of the MOSIX operating system kernel. We then describe the main enhancements made in the multiple processor version and give some performance measurements of the internal mechanisms of the system.

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ICSI Technical Report TR-88-004

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A. Barak and R. Wheeler

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Technical Report