Network Element Service Specification Template

TitleNetwork Element Service Specification Template
Publication TypeRFC
Year of Publication1997
AuthorsShenker, S., & Wroclawski J.
Publication Languageeng
Other Numbers1478

This document defines a framework for specifying services provided by network elements, and available to applications, in an internetwork which offers multiple qualities of service. The document first provides some necessary context -- including relevant definitions and suggested data formats -- and then specifies a "template" which service specification documents should follow. The specification template includes per-element requirements such as the service's packet handling behavior, parameters required and made available by the service, traffic specification and policing requirements, and traffic ordering relationships. It also includes evaluation criteriafor elements providing the service, and examples of how the servicemight be implemented (by network elements) and used (byapplications).

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Request for Comments (Informational) RFC 2216, Internet Engineering Task Force

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S. Shenker and J. Wroclawski

ICSI Research Group

Networking and Security

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