A Laboratory for Hand-Eye Research

TitleA Laboratory for Hand-Eye Research
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1971
AuthorsTenenbaum, J.. M., Kay A.. C., Binford T.. O., Falk G., Feldman J., Grape G.., Paul R. P., Pingle K.. K., Sobel I., & Sproull R. F.
Published inProceedings of IFIP Congress 71
Other Numbers1925
Bibliographic Notes

Proceedings of IFIP Congress 71, Foundations and Systems, Ljubljana, Yugoslavia, Vol. 1, pp. 206-210

Abbreviated Authors

J.M. Tenenbaum, A.C. Kay, T.O. Binford, G. Falk, J.A. Feldman, G. Grape, R. Paul, K.K. Pingle, I. Sobel, and R.F. Sproull

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Article in conference proceedings