Auditory model for parametrization of speech

TitleAuditory model for parametrization of speech
Publication TypePatent
Year of Publication1995
AuthorsHermansky, H., Morgan N., & Kohn P.
Other Numbers2144

A method and system are provided for alleviating the harmful effects of convolutional distortions of speech, such as the effect of a telecommunication channel, on the performance of an automatic speech recognizer (ASR). The technique is based on the filtering of time trajectories of an auditory-like spectrum derived from the Perceptual Linear Predictive (PLP) method of speech parameter estimation.

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United States Patent 5,450,522. U.S. Class 704/200.1, 704/205. International Class G10L 009/00. Field of Search 381/29-53 395/2.1-2.39

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H. Hermansky, N. Morgan, and P. Kohn

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